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Dallas Office

When we first opened up Children’s Dental Care in December of 2000, our goal was a simple one – to be a community resource, one that all members would be proud of, and one that provided the finest dental care for all children. Our vision was to create a compassionate and caring environment that would offer children with an experience marked by professional excellence and unmatched quality in oral care. Looking back on the past 15 years, we can thankfully smile and say, “Mission accomplished!”

That does not mean, however, that our goal has been fully achieved. As a staff, we are striving to always improve, and we will remain steadfast in our goal of providing the best dental care possible in the Dallas metropolitan area. To that end, we will be uncompromising in our mission of maintaining a staff of superb doctors and assistants that have been thoroughly trained and educated. We are confident that our outstanding staff, coupled with an environment filled with compassion, care, and love for children, will lead to an office that the community will truly be proud of for many years to come.