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Meet the team!

We know that each child is unique, and as a result has unique needs.  As a pediatric dental office, we are committed to providing quality care accompanied by the highest standards of professionalism.  At Children’s Dental Care, the staff of doctors, hygienists, and their assistants have had years of training and experience in order to provide our patients with the highest quality care available.  We strive to be the best in order to give you the best in terms of oral health care.  We believe that it is an honor and a privilege, not a right, to have the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of your children.
We believe that a visit to our office should be a positive experience, but at the same time understand the apprehension that a child may face.  Thus, we will continually strive to provide an environment that is caring and compassionate, one that will minimize and assuage a child’s doubts through our words, our actions, and other behavior management techniques.  We understand that when we work together as a team-doctor, parents, and child-we can then provide a comprehensive oral health program that will allow your child to share their smile with the world!